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The Ultimate LEGO Car Instructions Bundle 2.0

The Ultimate LEGO Car Instructions Bundle 2.0

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30% of ALL Bundle sales gets donated to the Foundation "Make-A-Wish"! That's working to fulfill wishes of children with a critical illness. The Story behind it 😊

The Ultimate LEGO Car Instructions Bundle, with Digital Instructions & Parts Lists for Over 50 Iconic Car Designs in now 170+ Color Variations. Spreading over 30.000 pages, With OVER 2000 hours worth of Design work!
Free Tutorial on How to Order or just check the price for the Parts, for the Models, under the "How to Get PARTS" Section”!!!
This is a digital product and includes 170+ PDF Instructions and XML-file parts lists that you can upload to, for example to order the parts(if you don't already have most of them) for any of the Models.

Table of Contents with embedded Links to Each Instruction. And also links to every single Parts List, for every single design and color variation.
Disclaimer! The digital instructions for the LEGO Car designs included, are mainly supposed to be Display Models. Which means that most Designs prioritize aesthetics and functionality and a few are more optimized for playability.
Ages 12+
All Instructions and Parts lists in The Bundle:
1. Inspired by Audi R8 (in Multiple Colors)
2. Inspired by Audi TT (in Multiple Colors)
3. Inspired by Need for Speed BMW M3 GTR
4. Inspired by BMW E30 M3 (in Multiple Colors)
5. Inspired by BMW 3 Series (in Multiple Colors)
6. Inspired by BMW 335i (in Multiple Colors)
7. Inspired by Bugatti Veyron (in Multiple Colors)
8. Inspired by Bugatti Chiron (in Multiple Colors)
9. Inspired by Dodge Challenger (in Multiple Colors)
10. Inspired by Dodge Charger (in Multiple Colors)
11. Inspired by Ferrari F40 (in Multiple Colors)
12. Inspired by Ferrari 488 Pista (in Multiple Colors)
13. Inspired by Ford GT40
14. Inspired by Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (in Multiple Colors)
15. Inspired by Ford F-150 Raptor (in Multiple Colors)
16. Inspired by Honda Civic Type R (in Multiple Colors)
17. Inspired by Honda/Acura NSX
18. Inspired by Honda Accord
19. Inspired by Koenigsegg Gemera
20. Inspired by Koenigsegg CCX (in Multiple Colors)
21. Inspired by Lamborghini Revuelto (in Multiple Colors)
22. Inspired by Lamborghini Aventador SV (in Multiple Colors)
23. Inspired by Lamborghini Urus (in Multiple Colors)
24. Inspired by Lamborghini Countach (in Multiple Colors)
25. Inspired by Lamborghini Aventador (in Multiple Colors)
26. Inspired by Lamborghini Sian (in Multiple Colors)
27. Inspired by Lamborghini Huracan EVO (based on set 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo)
28. Inspired by Lykan HyperSport (in Multiple Colors)
29. Inspired by Mazda Miata NA (in Multiple Colors)
30. Inspired by Mazda RX7 (in Multiple Colors)
31. Inspired by Mazda MX-5 (in Multiple Colors)
32. Inspired by Fast and Furious Veilside Mazda RX7
33. Inspired by Mazda RX7 (based on set 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo)
34. Inspired by Mclaren P1 (in Multiple Colors)
35. Inspired by Mercedes AMG GTR (in Multiple Colors)
36. Inspired by Mercedes AMG GT 4-door (in Multiple Colors)
37. Inspired by Mercedes G63 AMG (in Multiple Colors)
38. Inspired by Mitsubishi EVO (in Multiple Colors)
39. Inspired by Nissan Skyline R32 (in Multiple Colors)
40. Inspired by Nissan Skyline R34 GTR (in Multiple Colors)
41. Inspired by Nissan R35 GTR (in Multiple Colors)
41. Inspired by Porsche 718 GT4 (in Multiple Colors)
43. Inspired by Porsche 992 GT3 RS (in Multiple Colors)
44. Inspired by Porsche 992 (in Multiple Colors)
45. Inspired by Porsche 992 GT3 (in Multiple Colors)
46. Inspired by Porsche 992 Turbo S (in Multiple Colors)
47. Inspired by Porsche 964 (in Multiple Colors)
48. Inspired by Porsche 930 Turbo (in Multiple Colors)
49. Inspired by Porsche 991 GT3 RS (in Multiple Colors)
50. Inspired by Rolls Royce Ghost
41. Inspired by Subaru WRX
42. Inspired by Tesla Model S (in Multiple Colors)
53. Inspired by Initial D AE86
54. Inspired by Toyota MK4 Supra (in Multiple Colors)
55. Inspired by Toyota GT86
56. Inspired by Toyota Celica (in Multiple Colors)

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30% of ALL Bundle sales gets donated to "Make-A-Wish", Here's the Story😊

"David here, the one who founded BB&M. Gonna try to keep this concise. I was born with a congenital heart disease, in short, had a little bit of a rough start. One time as a kid, a foundation here in Sweden arranged this amazing experience for me and my family, along with many others that’s been in similar situations. It was a track day with 100+ of the most insane cars from all around Sweden. And all we had to do was point to the car we wanted to ride along around the track in, and we got to do so, totally INSANE!!!
So extremely grateful for that experience and want to see if we together, could bring in a bit of support for an international foundation like it, “Make-A-Wish”! That does an amazing job at granting wishes for critically ill children, all around the world!"

"How To Order PARTS" Tutorial